About Anthony Rubino Jr.

Anthony Rubino, Jr lives in New York City where he's an artist, cartoonist, art director and President of Uruguay. OK, not, so much, that last thing. But he's also written for publications including Mad Magazine, Cracked and National Lampoon. His new book, "Why Didn't I Think of That? 101 Inventions That Changed The World By Hardly Trying" is in stores now. Never a stickler for math he wrote "Life Lessons From Your Dog," and "Life Lessons From Your Cat," (Thomas Nelson) as the fourth and fifth installments of his "Life Lesson" Trilogy which also includes, "Life Lessons From Elvis," (Rutledge Hill), "Life Lessons From Melrose Place," (Adams) and "Life Lessons From The Bradys," (Plume/Viking). His steely work ethic is reflected in his book "1001 Ways To Procrastinate, and his fear of eternal damnation spawned, "The Get Into Heaven Deck" (Collectors Press). And he does a little cartoon strip called, "Daddy's Home," distributed by Creators Syndicate to more than 250 newspapers and websites every day. Visit,, for more information and BIG fun.
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